Clearance Based Ratings

The first and only ratings solution based on directly monitored clearances by the Lindsey TLM™. SMARTLINE® Ratings are based on what is required by legal and safety standards, continuous geospatial clearances. Clearance compliance to standards is directly monitored and conductor behavior is understood.

Effective and Efficient

The goal of SMARTLINE® Ratings is to optimize transmission capital investment by real time situational awareness of legal safety operational limits. Accurate situalational awareness enables understanding the real capacity limits and thus accurate metrics of asset utilization and grid efficiency. Understanding real time limits of transmission lines empowers optimization of economic operations.

Reliability Based Ratings

Intelligent ratings based on statisical reliability and built upon accurate real time clearance based ratings. These ratings learn with time, providing confidence in operational boundaries of transmission lines.

Reliability Based Forecasts

Intelligent forecasts incorporate existing conditions and anticipated future weather conditions to accurately predict conservative transmission line capacity. These ratings facilitate higher asset utilization and grid efficiency

Improve Grid Flexibility

Grid operations relies on knowing available capacity, learning and understanding the transmission capacity limits enable greater utilization and introduces new untapped flexibility within the existing power grid.

HD Time Lapse Validated Ratings

This unique and innovative service offering is the first of its kind, utilizing high definition time lapse monitoring of conductor behavior and associated weather. This is an independent field studies service combined with data processing, line model calibration and improved static rating studies based on conductor behavior.
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